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Excerpt from my debut novel "And the remaining is Heritage: That Part¹"


"Really good night time, madam” the chauffer acknowledged as he opened the to come back door to show Boogie sitting there extending his Rolex embellished arm and handing her a champagne flute choked with bubbly.

“Happy birthday baby” he acknowledged as she grabbed the glass and climbed in.

“Oh my God Boogie are you critical right this moment, A limo!” Terrica pointed out. She changed into so Chuffed. She hadn't been in a limo given that her promenade! No longer since she could not have enough money to, she simply not ever had any match that sublime to visit.
“Where are we going”

“ We are nevertheless going to Gatlinburg,I simply have just a few different surprises up my sleeve.” He answered.

The experience round city inside the limo became lit. They drank champagne and blew fats cookie blunts for approximately an hour beforehand the limo lastly got here to a forestall. Terrica regarded out the window and so they have been in the front of the Bridgestone Enviornment.

“Wait a minute.” Terrica whispered as she learned the place they had been. “Are you critical? Is absolutely not Nicki Minaj the following this night?” Terrica had attempted to get tickets however that they had offered out in 4 mins.

“As a question of assertion she is and we now have entrance row seats!” Boogie talked about

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Oh my GOD, Bryan!” Terrica screamed and hugged him so tight she well-nigh choked him 0.5 to demise.

“Ok attractive good enough, quiet down, calm down” Boogie laughed “ and there you cross calling me via my government”

“ Oh my goodness, it truly is unbelievable” Terrica suggested

“Well have faith it infant that's not anything to a nigga like me, I does this shit.”

“ Yeah and i am long past do you tonight” she noted kissing him softly previously they exited the limo and walked prior the road and directly into the VIP front of the sector.

The live performance used to be all the things she will have imagined and greater. By the point they had been leaving the coach Terrica used to be sixty five% hoarse. They walked available area to their limo ready out the front.

Terrica become definitely swept, and little did she understand this was once in simple terms the start.

“Oh my GOD boy or girl, that used to be fabulous! “ Terrica pointed out while she stuck hiya breath.

“Yeah, I do know I am as a rule giving Nicki a tough time yet she did her thang this night!” Boogie spoke back.

“That's all I am asserting, Terrica boasted “she's a helluva performer!”

“She's alright” Boggie referred to

“Yeah no matter what, you recognize she's the shit,” Terrica talked about.

“I recognize You are the shit!” Boogie pointed out as he leaned over and kissed her softly at the lips. Terrica liked to kiss and with these complete lips and juicy tongue she'd chanced on her make out healthy.
After approximately fifteen mins of heavy petting, tongue kissing and dry humping, Terrica could not take it anymore. Boogie became so rough she suggestion his dick turned into going to burst throughout the fabrics of his pants. She reached throughout his lap and hit the button to offer them greater privateness. The motive force did not wish to see the shit she used to be approximately to get into.

Terrica unzipped his pants and launched the strain revealing an absolutely erect eight inches that she temporarily wolfed.

Boogie become it sounds as if loving each minute of it and his deep moans groans and the sensual means he become walking his palms via her hair used to be fueling her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yeah Terrica, Rattling girl”

She swallowed the whole shaft and massaged his balls, which changed into straightforward simply because they had been already soaking wet in spit.
Terrica was once taking part in sucking his dick. His juices tasted splendid like he'd been ingesting fruit all day. She became as regards to to drag up her get dressed and leap on for a unique reasonably trip whilst the outdoors of the limo turned as brilliant as day they usually got here to a longer forestall. Terrica's regarded out of the tinted home windows and learned they have been on the airport! 3 4 sleeve prom dresses

“Ummmmmmm infant, what are we doing the following?” Terrica requested, wiping her rainy mouth.

“I advised you I had any other surprises up my sleeve’ Boogie answered, amassing his wits and getting himself in combination.

“Like significantly, wherein we going?”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a brochure and two airplane tickets.

Terrica examine front of the brochure.

“Enjoy the lovely, long-established Sandals Montego Bay”

“What! Severely, we going to Jamaica!?!?”

“Yes ma'am, four days and three nights. Chuffed birthday newborn.”

“Oh my God I cannot Feel it!” Terrica spoke of as they walked into the airport.

Terrica floated thru sign in. She used to be in comprehensive surprise whilst Boogie passed her a passport together with her know-how and imagine within..

“Wait, whilst did you…?”

“I informed you I am that nigga, Shawty.” Boogie bragged. “You ain't gotta problem approximately shit. I acquired you.

They were given their passes and boarded the aircraft. Top notch changed into the sole method to fly and Boogie spared no fee. The flight attendant gave them equally pillows, blankets and headphones for the in flight film and took their food and drinks orders. Terrica was once on a cloud actually and figuratively. She drifted off right into a dream inside of a dream.